maanantai 10. marraskuuta 2014

You're my diamond in the rough

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  1. Hi ♥
    I don't understand any of the words of this page but well, i wanted to write you (i'm french actually)
    I've just discovered your blog by looking at and when i saw the title (i know it's crazy to believe in silly things), i was like, oh, my god, i'm not the only one who knows this song! i'm listening to it everyday those times. And you're wearing Jeffrey Campbell boots... i love it so much, i want it so much!
    And then i ve seen your blog and i'm just.. woah, you are so beautiful and your pictures are wonderful! i wish i could have so much beautiful pics of me lol but well it's not the question.
    I'm happy i have discovered your blog and i'll visit it again and again, i'm sure about that!


    1. Hey!
      Thanks for making my day! Love you <3 I'm happy to hear all those things! (but the boots are actually fake and from h&m! :D)
      Hope to hear more of you later xxx

  2. Ääh rakastan sun tyyliä ylikaiken :3